Sent messages missing

When I send message Outbox shows 1 message pending but there is no message to be seen in folder, after sending message arrives at destination but no message in sent folder either in K9 or webmail. However if I send from PC message shows in K9 and webmail This is with 5.802 upload sent messages is ticked in setting

That’s a small display bug and shouldn’t be a problem. The side bar counts are not updated after sending.

Check your folder settings. Maybe the wrong folder is selected for saving the messages in. Settings » Account » Folders.

Thanks, the setting for Sent folder was the default Automatic, I changed this to Sent and it seems to be working OK now.

maybe it is better if the app, during installing, sets directly “Sent folder” to “Sent messages”

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I 100% endorse this suggestion - after installing the Android app it took me a while to realise that sent items were not automatically being saved to a Sent folder - even though I’d checked and rechecked the “Upload sent messages” option in Settings.

When I saw “Automatic” next to a folder name in Settings / Folders I foolishly imagined it would default to “Sent messages”, “Sent items” or some such - but, no, sent messages are silently deleted from the Outbox!

Please could this default be changed? Or at least warned about.

Apart from that - a nice little client!

Using the latest version of the K-9 app, I have lost plenty of sent messages because, despite my checking “upload sent messages”, the sent message folder was set to Automatic / NONE. Actually, all of the folders on the two IMAP work accounts were automatically set to Automatic / NONE, basically to dev/null, incredible.

This app should at least warn the user that the automatic selection of folders did not go through and that everything is basically moved to /dev/null. This choice of NONE is actually quite hard to understand, indeed K-9 is the only client I have ever used that makes this choice, letting you lose data.

If you have a “smart” server, you might be lucky. Some servers put mail without a target into a “lost and found” or “recovered items” folder. E.g., my server puts any mail that encounters an error into “lost and found”, just in case it was downloaded or uploaded incompletely, etc.

You can check whether your server has such capabilities either through a Webmailer with “lost and found” support (e.g. Roundcube) or a CLI mailer such as mutt.

Thank you. I tried to recover them, but my servers are not “smart”. But the problem here is that K-9 should be smarter, not the servers.

Personally, since I use plenty of devices, with different locales and languages, I do not care about folder names. Every time I tried to “fix” them and use the same folder per “type”, e.g. placing all the sent messages in “Sent” instead of the various “Sent”, “Sent messages”, “Messaggi inviati”, “Posta inviata”, etc. I ended up missing at least one of them.

So I know that my sent messages can be in any one of M folders corresponding to sent mail. But with K-9 I discovered that they can even be in no folders at all. I am not saying that K-9 should change its way of using Automatic/NONE, but that K-9 should WARN the user that messages will be thrown away in the void when it decides to use NONE.