Sent message contains surprising line breaks

I am horribly confused: I send an email out of k-9 and when I look at it in the same app in the sent folder I see ugly line-breaks where I do not intend them. Either the sending or display is not working very device-friendly for me.

Welcome Phoenix_IV :wave:

It’s hard to tell what exactly the problem is from your description. Can you provide a screenshot? Does this problem occur when you compose new messages? Or only when replying to an existing message?

Hi cketti,

thanks for the welcoming message. I am a little bit dumbfounded because I am now unable to recreate this behaviour.
I saw it by chance with one newly composed email I sent, after which I wrote this post. I will be back here when it happens again :o

I tried to reply to this topic by using the reply to this email function of the forum, but it did not show up immediately. So I now logged in to post this.