Sent mail missing from sent folder

Hello, I’m running K9 mail on Android 11 on a OnePlus 7 pro.
When I send a mail from my phone, it doesn’t appear in the local sent folder.
Can you help me ?

You mean: The local sent folder on a different device? In that case I believe the answer is: the local sent folder is stored on the local disk of that device and no other device has access to that disk.

Thanks, no, I mean I don’t find a copy of the message in the same device sent folder.

If you slide down in the “sent” folder to make K9 refresh it’s contents: Do the mails appear then? Background: I believe there is a way to tell K9 which folders to keep in sync with the server all the time. If not: are you using POP3?

What is selected in Settings » Account » Folders » Sent?

I’m using IMAP.
When I refresh nothing appears.
In folders/sent I have automatic(none)

That’s the reason :slight_smile: Select the sent folder instead

Thanks ! That solved it