Sent emails seem to be in a local folder

Hi there!
What are you trying to accomplish?
I can’t find my sent emails when I use my desktop email client. The emails are in the K-9 app in a folder with a different name. That folder seems to be a local folder in the app.

What have you tried so far?
I have tried moving the emails using K-9 to the correct “Sent” folder but since the sent folder used by K-9 is not synced with the server I am not allowed to move any emails.

I thought about setting the right IMAP folder as the Sent folder but I’m afraid I’ll loose all my emails by doing that. Or will that move my emails into the correct folder?

What K-9 Mail version are you using?
K-9 version 5.600

What Android version and device are you using?
Android 9, Sony XZ1

I tried moving the drafts folder from a local to the correct IMAP folder and the few drafts I had are lost. I suppose this is what would happen to my sent emails as well if I tried setting a different sent folder.

Changing the assignment of special folders under ‘Account settings > Folders’ doesn’t delete any local folders or messages.

It sounds like your message database is in a bad state. Try removing the account and adding it again. This will destroy messages that are only available locally. If you need to save those messages you should be able to forward them to yourself.