Send with digital signature by default

is it possible to set up K-9 to send my digital signature by default?
If K-9 would also send my public key, that would be great.

At the moment I have to activate the digital signature for every email, which I keep forgetting.

I would be very happy if you had a solution.

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I want/need this too please!

If this feature is imperative to you, you may want to consider R2Mail2 or Nine.

Hei Together,

its the same. Thunderbird is sending the signature and the public pgp key. I thougt that k9 Mail is on the way to become Thunderbird mobile, so it should work on the same way.

There should be no differenz for the people, who receave mail from me, between thunderbird and k9.

Kan we make a feature request? (Where can i make it?)

Thanks Thoys