Send messages button/command/ menu item

I can not find “send all outbox messages” button / menu item in new K9 mail in Android.
I know that app tries to send each message immediately,
but I have experienced hard problem when local networks (electricity, WAN internet, mobile networks) were down and I was fighting for GSM/UMTS/LTE at loft window at strong wind and rain attempting to send an important e-mail message.

When I caught some signal from far BTS, I did not have possibility how to tell to K9: Now! Try it now!
Staying at loft for 30 minutes having arm with IP68 phone outside of house 10 metres above ground in very unpleasant weather was not pleasant experience.
I would really appreciate some button or menu item “send messages from outbox folder now”.

I know it is possible to download / sync / refresh_view pulling down that modern touchscreen way, but:

  1. I have not idea, if it also means “try to send content of outbox folder”.
  2. When you have some piece of very poor network signal and you need to send an important message, you really do not want to be downloading anything in that time. You want to send.
    Especially mobile networks are sometimes like halfduplex in context of speed of data transfer.

Please add command / button / menu item “send all now”.

And there was one more problem:

When sending attempt failed, it was impossible to send that frozen outbox meesages even with good network signal. It was impossible to edit or send them; it was possible only to forward them by new message; and than to delete that old unsent message.

It was part of reason why sending of short text email message took half a hour in poor network signal.

I consider this behavior as kind of bug.
But above mentioned button/menu_item “send all” would be still useful, even if this bug with acces to outbox messages would be soluted.

To force sending of messages that are in an outbox for an account, select that outbox. Then, select the three vertical dots in the upper right … the last option is “Send messages”.

I’m not certain if that resolves your second issue, but suspect it might.



Second issue generally still remains, but it is lower priority;
it is matter of possibility to edit such unsent message only.
It is possible e.g. at MS Outlook; and it can have sense in case that impossibility to send message changes situation (if the message is about planned online meeting).
But it is not as important as the send now command.

If you select a message that is in your “outbox”, then select the three vertical dots, you’ll get “Move to Drafts” as your top option. Then go do “drafts” where you can edit and then send it.

Most times things won’t be in your “outbox” long enough to catch it, but if something is “stuck” there (for whatever reason) this will let you modify it.

That should resolve your second issue I think.