"Send later" or message scheduling

Sorry if this has been asked/commented before, but I’ve checked and havent found anything useful.

I understand there’s no “send later” or message scheduling option in K9, so I wanted to ask whether this is somewhere in the roadmap.

Regardless, is there any way to have such functionality that will work with K9, or is using another mail client the only current option?

At this moment, you cannot achieve this with K-9.

Beware that timing is an issue on Android. Due to power consumption apps normally cannot use an exact timer. Doing so would drain the battery too much.

Thus, inaccurate timers or the system’s alarm manager are used. Both leading to scheduled messages not being sent at the exact desired time.

So, if delayed sending is important to you with correct timestamp, you should not rely on a client running on an Android device.

If your account is an exchange account, you can set the delay on the server through the OWA.