"Send as" gives option from every account


I’ve searched the forum, but can’t find any info on this.

I have three accounts set up in K-9:

  1. Gmail - One identity configured.
  2. Gmail - One identity configured.
  3. Outlook - Five identities configured.

“Identity” is the “From” addresses configured in each account in K-9.

When I compose a new email, I am already within the account I want to send from, so I’m curious why, when I tap the address in the From field does it allow me to choose any one of the identities from any of the configured accounts?

E.g. if I am within the first Gmail account, I would only expect to choose the single identity configured, instead of all seven from all accounts.

On the other hand, if I am within the Outlook account, I would expect to be able to choose only one of the five configured identities, not any identity from the Gmail accounts.

It’s possible I’m missing the purpose of a “feature” here, so I’d be interested if that’s the case.


Because you are not really “in that account”. K-9 just sends from the account that belongs to whatever identity you select on the compose screen.

I don’t really understand why you expect this to not be possible. I mean, having the option doesn’t hurt, right? Maybe someone just wants to compose an email and presses the “compose” button, without before opening the account to send it from. Maybe someone wants to forward an email from an internal, private account using a public account as the sender.