Semi-automatic manual configuration via text

Hello, I would like to suggest a new standard for configuring the mail server by means of a simple text.

Normally when we add a new account we have to configure the addresses, ports, security and authentication all separately, which makes it a bit inconvenient. My idea is an option that imports all these settings from a single line of text. Example:


In this huge range of settings, you could use almost any connection setting, apart from the ones I’ve given as examples.

As you can see, there are both POP and IMAP settings, which would be chosen according to the user’s wishes, as in the app, where the user first selects whether they want IMAP or POP and then opens the server settings.

Of course, there is the option of obtaining the settings automatically online, but this depends on an existing database, and probably won’t have 100% of all email settings for all possible servers. As for… for now we’ll refer to this online configuration as the K9 Code, the K9 Code can be easily created and shared on the email provider’s website. There could even be a web page with a js code that automatically formats the settings in your fields for the K9 Code.

As well as being easy to adopt, other email clients could adopt this format, especially if it was adopted in a famous email client like k-9, which would boost adoption.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say, just a suggestion to make it easier to configure the accounts, this K9 Code would have to be developed further to be able to accommodate more configurations, but I just wanted to give the idea anyway.

Thanks for reading this to the end, feel free to comment. :blush:

There already is a standard for that, called “autoconfig”. The email provider just needs to create a special file on their website. Most email providers already support that.


Hmmm :thinking: … I didn’t know about this interesting alternative, thanks for the information.