Select stared, unread messages


In the old version, you could easily select stared messages, unread ones, etc.
Thus, if you received new messages, it was fast and easy to delete the new spams, etc.
The app was showing the number of unread messages of all the accounts simultaneously, etc.

And during the checking of all the accounts, you could see where the process was (fetching mails for this account, fetching mail for this other one, etc.).

Why have you suppressed all the functionalities that made k9-mail the best app for mails?

Why?? This is not improvement… If I try to go back to the old version, the app crashes, so I am stuck with the new one… Sad.


The ability to filter the message list by more criteria than just unread and starred will be added in the future.

New messages are typically displayed at the top. You can also sort the message list to display unread (or starred) messages first. I don’t see how not having the filter would make deleting “the new spams” any harder.
K-9 Mail also supports deleting emails directly from a notification. It feels like that’s an even faster way to delete an unwanted message.

Being able to see which account is currently being checked might come back in some form. But I don’t think it’s particularly important. It’s not like you can do anything useful with that information.

K-9 Mail is available under an open source license. If you don’t like how it works you can always change it yourself (or get someone else to change it for you).
If you’re trying to get contributors of K-9 Mail (:wave:) to change the official version to better suit your needs you might want to rethink your approach.

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Thank you.

In the old k-9 you had a list of all the accounts and for each account, you had the number of unread and starred mails. If you clicked on the number of unread messages, a list with all the unread messages was showing, so you could quickly select either all the messages or all but one or two and delete them all together, the process was fast and handy.
The same way, you could click and the star and all the starred messages were showing. Efficient.
And if you didn’t click on the star but on the name of the account, you still could list the messages by date, for instant the new ones first, without the starred ones at first. So you had many possibilities to list your mails quickly without having to go to a menu to sort them.

Again, you miss the point, you were able to know when the checking would end and if something went wrong with an account and which one if the checking was taking too much time.

The older version was way better.
Never understood why people want to rethink interfaces and functionalities that were way better than that they are doing. The same goes with navigation units, etc. They think they can improve, but they don’t understand the efficiency of the older versions and why the developers made their choices at first.
New is not always better. K-9 beta is such an example.

As a k9 user of many years (and an old lady that generally HATES change) I disagree with you. The ONLY thing the new k9 lacks (for now) is the push option, and that will be added as soon as that’s possible.

k9 Beta looks much better and is a whole lot faster. Any time we get used to something that gets removed/changed we, being creatures of habit, tend to seek out faults in the new ways of doing things. I do it too and when I 1st installed the Beta I went back to the original after a few hours. Took a while, then I came back and saw it through, now I <3 the new one.

Give it time, you’ll get used to it too. And if not - it’s easy to go back to the old version WITHOUT crashes: Simply uninstall the Beta and install the old one from the Playstore. That worked for me on 2 devices monthsssss ago, I’m sure it’ll work for you too. If you have more than 1 email account then simply backup all account settings first and then import them in the old version.


I am not talking about habits. I easily get used to new habits. You don’t understand either. Maybe you just have one mail account.
I am talking about extra steps to do the things that used to be done in a minimum of steps, with multiple accounts.

Looks has nothing to do with efficiency (here). And the old version wasn’t ugly.
The old version was way more better than the new ones. It is a pitty. You have other apps if you want fancy interfaces and flashy colors and sliding menus and so on, that was not why k9 was made for.
New developers have totally missed the original k9 philosophy. Those recent betas are a disaster. Please do something useful for the app instead of removing major functionalities for just looks. What a shame.