Select all from this sender

I asked this before on the k9group email but never yet seen a reply that answers my question.
In a past version of K-9 it was possible to select one particular message/email and by selecting from the top three dot menu an option to ‘select all from this sender’ this was particularly useful for block deletion of unwanted messages and/or selecting a group of messages to move to a different folder. Can someone or one of the developer’s tell me why this very useful option was removed from K-9.
Thanks for reading

i can’t speak to why a “select all from” option may have gone away, but you can replicate it with a search.

if you search for the email address in question, you can then use the “select all” option under the “three dot” menu to mark them. that will then give you the ability to move/copy/star these selected messages.

Yes I do appreciate that it is possible to recreate the same sort of facility but the way it worked before was sooooo easy to use without the need to jump through several hoops to do the same thing is a retrograde step for K-9 to take. inmho.

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