Seeing images even though "Always show images" is "No"

Hi, as the title says, I am seeing remote images when I open a specific sender’s email for the first time. They are definitely URLs (at mailchimp), not embedded full images. The “Show remote images” button still appears above the email itself, I have definitely not pressed that (waited for a second days’ email to verify that).

When I read the email on my computer (with Thunderbird, actually), the images are not displayed, it seems app specific to me that they are appearing in K-9 Mail. Image attached.

What could I have done to allow this? How do I prevent it? I’ve just started testing K-9 mail after the paid app I have been using for a long time switched to subscription.

It’s possible that the image is cached. Try opening the message while in airplane mode.

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Ok, gotta correct the post above (removed). Yes, that was it! I could still see the image files, but they were somewhere on the device already (probably from another day’s email). Once I cleared the cache for K-9 email, those no longer appeared. Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: