Searching Text within a Mailing

I’m new to K-9 and I can’t seem to find a function to search for words within the body of the mail.
Is there really no such function or am I going blind :wink:

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If you are in the list of mails then you should see in the header a search symbol: magnifying glass. With this you can search for mails containing words you search for.

Alas, I don’t want to search for Mails that contain a certain word, but I want to find that word within the mail. Like “Ctrl + F” in many windows based programs.

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You mean any text, even partial words?
Yes, that does not seem to work. Maybe someone from the devs can answer on that.

Partial words would be great, but whole words should suffice as well, as long as I’m shown where that word is written in that mail. The thing is: I have a mail that contains a 3 digit amount of links and I regularly have to use specific links from that list.
In Thunderbird that is no problem: I just select the Mail and press “Ctrl + F”, type in a word from the link I need and click through the results, until I find it.
In K-9 I have only found the function to search for a Mail, so I’m regularly scouring all the links, which is rather tedious.

Ah, yes - I totally misunderstood what you where asking. Sorry, my fault.

Yes, that functionality does not seem to exist.

I just checked, there is already a feature request for it on github:

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Hello, I’m new here but have been using K9 for years. Taxtual search within Inbox or Drafts would be very convenient to me because I use K9 to share my notes between my devices, so that I do not have to rely on cloud services.