Search folders in navigation drawer

In the old folder list I could search folders by name to find the one I want to navigate to.

With the folders in the navigation drawer I can’t find that functionality anymore.
With a very deep and long folder hierarchy, navigating to a specific folder that is not a primary or secondary folder involves a lot of time and endless scrolling.

Only in the folder settings can I search but that doesn’t help with navigating into that folder to see the messages.


Hello I use now K9mail since almost 10 years I have around 500 folders for my job. From the new major version in 2021 we cant search anymore a folder to navigate to and its a big shame it was so easy before… and it seems i am not alone to request that function. Please developers team can you add again that function we list so many times…

Thanks you

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+1 for bringing back a useful way to navigate many folders. Please bring back the search feature, or possibly like a rolodex index where you could at least easy tap a letter to at least get you close to the correct location.