Search doesn't work in new version

The search facility in the new version of k9mail only searches the folder that is open. I can’t see any way to search all folders. Is there any way to do this? The search in older versions worked brilliantly so it’s odd that they seem to have broken it.

On the search results screen you can press the 3 dots and select “Search everywhere”.

Many thanks, that’s an excellent workaround - but surely it shouldn’t be necessary to post in a forum in order to find out how to do something so basic - I would never have discovered that on my own and I’m pretty computer-literate. Plus it still means having to click two things in order to perform a task that I used to be able to perform with one click.

  1. Given that the vast majority of searches one does are intended to be in all folders, surely that should be the default and it should be searching just the current folder that requires two clicks.

  2. It would be far more user-friendly if, once you’ve clicked the search icon, so that the text-input-box is displayed, it could display underneath the textbox two radio buttons: “All folders” and “Current folder” (with the former selected by default).

Anyway many thanks for the workaround.


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