Search does not cover all emails (probably only those, that are preloaded)

Hello all,

When I try to search an eMail, that is not very new anymore (sometimes not even 2 weeks), my k-9 won’t find it. I had the suspicion, that this might be due to the fact, that not all emails are synced, so clicked “sync messages from any time (no limit)”. this did not to it. any hints???

I am using K-9 5.600
Android 10
Xaomi Mi A2 light

K-9 Mail is only searching in downloaded messages. With IMAP accounts you can also enable server-side search under ‘Account settings > Search > Enable server search’.

Downloading all messages should find the message you’re looking for locally. But note that just switching the sync setting doesn’t download the additional messages right away. You’ll have to sync the folder (or wait for an automatic sync to happen).


thx for the hint! i checked mir settings and saw that I had done that already, BUT below was a field asking how many emails on the server will be searched through. I had “25” and now put “all”. maybe that’ll do…

thx so much!!