Save multiple emails to folder from Unified Inbox

I’m not sure how common this situation is amongst the community, but I use the Unified Inbox and often receive multiple emails which just need to marked as read then filed for future reference/data retention in one of various folders.

Unless I’m missing something, this requires leaving the Unified Inbox and going to the Inbox of their specific account, then performing the above actions.

I searched here and haven’t yet found anything, but has this been discussed?

Thanks in advance!

[Text updated 26 Sep]

Not sure what you mean about having to leave the Unified Inbox? You can mark a message as read from inside the message by tapping the little envelope, and there is a Refile option inside the email too, by tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Thanks for your reply. I missed out the point of this being for multiple messages, apologies. Have updated the topic title and first post! Usually enough messages to mean that it would take longer to move them one-by-one (from inside) than to leave the Unified Inbox and move to the relevant Inbox.

There is a Mark as Read button (for single and multi-selected items) but the only ‘moving’ button - which appears when multiple messages are selected - sends to Archive. Even if I changed each account’s Archive folder, the messages need to end up in various folders, depending on their content.

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