Restoring e-mails from wastepaper basket?

How to restore an e-mail that has been accidentally deleted / moved to the wastepaper basket?

Thanks, Roland

You should be able to simply move the mail from folder Trash to any other folder.

  • Go to folder Trash
  • Select mail you deleted ( assuming you can find it there)
  • Select “Move” from 3dot menu
  • Chose the required target folder, e.g Inbox
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Clearly, I checked the … menu, but unfortunately, in my case (latest beta version), it doesn’t offer a “move” entry.

(I’m a very experienced user.)

It could also be that it is shown on the top bar if you have more space than me. I just checked when I use my phone in landscape mode. Then you have to look for a Folder symbol. By long pressing on the symbols you should get the command name.

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