Rescue my emails

Thank you for the great and free program K9. I use it since years on several smartphones. I just found the kind of hidden way to donate.

My problem is that one online email account broke, the only copy of content of this very account is on a smartphone.

As I found here in the forum there is no built in export or transfer of emails for use on another phone or in another program. Also no forwarding of many emails at once or moving emails into folders in another account.

But since the account is still on my smartphone, can’t I just change the IMAP account details to those of another mailbox and have my precious emails synced there? How do I prevent K9 from killing the mailbox contents immediately?

Thank you, any help appreciated.

Cheers - Don Daniello

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I don’t think there is a way at the moment (other than forwarded the emails). But you will probably want to take a backup of k9 application data and make a copy of those files off the phone, so the emails will not be lost. You probably could pay a data recovery firm to reconstruct whatever emails are in the databases from the phone.

Thank you.
Sorry for late response, much work.
I cannot backup the K9 data. My phone is not rooted. I cannot access all folders.
Isn’t it an option to change the IMAP settings to another server?
Will K9 team add the possibility to move emails from one account to another?
Thank you!