[REQUEST] Subfolder organization

When clicking on the hamburger menu button, it shows the email being used. Then below it shows inbox, outbox, archive, drafts etc etc etc…

When you create a lot of folders to organize emails, K9 just displays the raw directory + sub directory as an endless list and if there are many directories and sub folders it becomes challenging to keep scrolling through to find a section.

It would be great if would display the root folders as collapsed then you can select a folder to expand it’s contents… I believe it would be called a tree directory?

If this could be added one day that would be amazing!!!



Something like this is badly needed.


I totally agree!
I organize the mails fo our customers in one folder per customer. There are some 150 customers and I guess you know why I really need collapsable folder…
Waiting anxously for it!


For me it is really necessary to have the collapsible folder structure similar to Thunderbird on Linux or Windows.
Without this collapsible folder structure K9 is not useable for me.
Please implement this !