Replying to originator of an email sent to a distribution list replies all

I have received an email from our team secretary (secretary@organisation.example) which he has addressed to a google workspace email address that is used for a distribution group eg. full_team@organisation.example. When I hit the reply icon (Android) to just reply to the secretary, it leaves him out of the To: field and puts in the full_team address despite me not choosing Reply-All, which I would presume would include secretary anyway.

Any ideas? Thanks

The email you’ve received most likely contains a Reply-To header pointing to full_team@organisation.example. That signals to email clients that replies should go to this address, not to the address in the From header.

Thanks for the response and the suggestion. I’ve checked the mail source and there isn’t a Reply-To header, plus if I reply to the message in Thunderbird or directly in Gmail it only adds the originator.

I’ve also sent an email to an alternative distribution group from my own account ,so definitely no Reply-To set on it, and it wants to reply to the distribution group and not my own account. Is it possible, it’s reading the Return-Path?