Repeated crashes

Ever since the last update, my k9 client seems to crash once in a while.
It always seems to happen the same way. Some context:

  • I am using it to contact two mail servers in Germany, both with pop3
  • I do not have k9 open in the background all the time, but quit after using it (once a week),
  • it happens immediately after opening the app,
  • first the app points to a folder which I certainly had not open the last time I used it,
  • next it refuses the command to switch to the inbox or to the inbox of the other account,
    (I select inbox and it shows the sent folder, or similar)
  • finally it crashes, but works fine again for a while after restart.
    Is this problem known? could it have to do with any of my settings ?

Which update exactly do you mean?

Could you create and check the debug log?
Settings / General settings / Debugging

Here you can enable Debug logging.

And later when it happened again in same menu you can go to 3dot menu and “Export logs”

@stphn, sorry I had not reported the version number, I do usually do this.
Anyway, I have upgraded to version 6.201 a few days ago and the problem is gone.
So consider this closed !

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So maybe mark your last post as solution as it seems that a further update fixed it.