Renewing inbox is a gamble

Hello there. I wish i could say something positive at this moment since i am also very disappointed about the re-design and the elephants in the room.

However, i have a very different problem:

After the update i could at least still check my mails properly. But shortly after (Can’t put a date on this, but since a week or so) it fails to properly check my mails when pulling down to manually check when on the inbox screen. The circle appears for a second, disappears - and the inbox doesn’t refresh. Then i pull again and the circle is there for 20 seconds, sometimes up to a full minute. In that time i have to touch the screen several times to keep the screen from locking, which would prevent the refresh from finishing. Then i’d finally have a refreshed inbox.

But that is not all: When i then, for example, delete some mails, it wouldn’t synchronize and the mails would still all be there when i check on my desktop. Mark as read after reading - same thing.

Now it is one thing to remove a screen where i could manually check all of my inboxes with one click in a matter of two or three seconds. But all the annoying wiping and swiping should at least lead to a having the actual functionality of checking my inboxes. Anyone has an idea? I don’t have the time and the nerves right now to set up Fairmail and whatnot. I know i shouldn’t sound pissed when asking for help, but right now i am and have a lot of other stuff on my shoulders, i am very sorry about that.

Using Android 10 on a Samsung.
My first guess was Blokada somehow interfering, but deactivating it didn’t help.

Thanks for anyone who can help, other than “Download the old version or Fairmail and set it all up again!”

Still nothing? :frowning:

I can’t be the only one…

Sounds like a transient bug which is the most difficult type to tackle.

Have you tried the usual go-tos?

  • open Android’s settings
  • Apps and notifications
  • Find & select K-9
  • Force stop K-9
  • Clear cache
  • Restart K-9

If that do s not help, you could try to activate K-9’s debug log. But I am kind-a certain, this transient bug will not manifest in the log…


Thanks for the answer! Does “clear cache” mean i’d lose all the settings?

No. The cache only contains some temporary data.

Please make sure to ONLY clear the cache. Most Android derivatives also offer an option to “clear storage” (or similar). If you do that, all your data and settings will be deleted.

Thanks! I did as suggested but the symptoms didn’t change.