Remove when deleted from server

Have enjoyed using k-9 many years. on last phone, it was set to leave mail on server when received in k-9, BUT to delete from k-9 on the phone once that item is deleted from the server. I can’t find these settings in current version 5.807on new samsung/android phone. This worked in my old phone, but now, once the items are deleted from server, they remain on the phone in k-9.

Assuming IMAP (because I don’t think this is a concept with POP) … the setting is “settings/[account]/fetching mail/sync server deletions”. With that box checked server deletions will be synced on the client.

You may also want to set the “…/fetching mail/when i delete a message” setting to “do not delete on server”. That will keep client-side deletions from deleting on the server.

It is POP-3; would that make a difference in the k/9 settings?

That worked with our server; all solved. Thanks for the prompt help; much appreciated!

I had this problem too and was already using the settings proposed. I was unhappy to have lost the “fetch now” button. 15 minute fetch interval is only acceptable if I can fetch on demand. I have gone back to v5.600.

You don’t need a button to check for new mails, simply swipe down in the Inbox, Unified or per account.

It would be great if you could mark the posting which solved your problem as “Solution”. There should be a corresponding checkbox you as OP should see and can check.

DONE! That is a valuable forum feature; thanks for pointing it out.

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