Remote email deletion doesnt work

POP3 account
ver. 5.800
android 9
“when I delete a message” set to “delete from server”

also, the remote email won’t become read, when I read it locally,

It’s been some time since I last read the POP3 protocol, but I don’t believe either of these concepts - message-level mark-as-read and delete - are supported.

The basics of the POP protocol is that the client downloads all “new” (to it) messages from the server. It them marks them (all) for deletion from the server if that’s set. Generally the “delete from server” option isn’t set unless one is using only one client. If another client connects to the server it will download any messages available that are new to it.

Once downloaded, message-specific actions (read, delete) on the client are specific to the mailstore on the client and (unlike IMAP) not transmitted back to the server.

If you want server message-level control you should move to an IMAP environment.

[I do think that gmail gives some IMAP-like capabilities to its POP accounts.]

Thanks for the explanation. Now I am confused, what the ‘delete from server’ does in case of a POP3 account.

The other thing, as far as I remember there was an option in the old K9 client to tell what should happen to emails on the server after downloading. I can’t find such setting in the new version.