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I recently updated my Centos 7 to 7.9 and this included updates to dovecot.
Since then, the K9 refresh folder list button only returns basic folders (trash,sent,junk) rather than the full list of 20+ folders.
A network trace shows K9 sending “list INBOX *” .
To get all folders I would expect “list * *” but K9 used to work as expected before the Centos upgrade.
My K9 has not changed recently.
Any ideas?
Stephen Davies

K-9 Mail only uses LIST commands where the first argument is "". Are you sure the command wasn’t LIST "" INBOX.*?

There’s two reasons this could happen:

  • You’ve configured an IMAP path prefix in K-9 Mail’s incoming server settings
  • The server’s NAMESPACE response indicated that folders in the personal namespace are prefixed by INBOX.

See Namespaces — Dovecot documentation

You are correct. I misread the trace content.
I haven’t configured an IMAP path so the issue must be (as expected) with my Dovecot config.
I’ve read your reference and looked at my config.
There is a namespace entry with inbox= yes but I don’t understand the significance of this.
(My pre-upgrade config files are lost.)
A manual IMAP session using LIST “” “INBOX.*” returns just the basic mailboxes.
What do I need to change in Dovecot to get the full list?
Cheers and thanks,

I added prefix = INBOX. to 10-mail.conf and all mailboxes are now visible.
Thanks for the hint,

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