Recover "Reply-All" button?


with the last update, the “Reply All” function has been moved into the sub menu. Now, I accidentally send all of my replies just to the sender, which has caused some trouble in the communication with my colleagues.

Although I have used K9 for several years, I now had to change to my phone’s native mail app which I hate.

Is there any way to recover the Reply All button such that I can use the app again?
Some option I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

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As far as I know it was only a short time that “Reply all” was the default, which now got reverted back to “Reply” after some people complained about it here on forum.

Thanks for the answer! Were there two buttons before?
I don’t recall having to open the submenu each time when I sent my answers to the whole team :thinking:

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Yes, same for me… Please bring that button back. I have the same issues wir mit Business communication.
Is it is really too much to have two buttons there?? Or at least an option in the settings?

Which version of K9 are you using? Right beside the Reply button press 3dot menu and there Reply All should be available. At least in latest 6.705 it is the case for me.

Hi stphn, thanks for the reply. Of course, the issue is not that the option is not available =D
The problem is that if you answer quickly, you press the Reply-button and then the answer does not get to the whole team. It’s mainly a thing of quick/efficient communication. As Fabian said (thanks, btw!), especially in business contexts the Reply All should be the Default option.
Can’t that be added as a personalized setting in the app?


Ok, I thought it is not available.

Well, maybe that should be an option what to display as default. I like it most to have Reply instead of Reply All - also in business. Others seem to like the other option.

Making it an option would be an ideal solution. When I updated to the new version the first thing I went to look for was whether it could be changed to re-show Reply-All outside the popup menu.

I signed up for the forum just to chime in that I greatly prefer Reply-All as a visible button and rarely if ever use plain Reply. Especially since Reply-All also works for single address correspondence.

I am on several group emails and mailing lists which necessitate Reply-All, such that now it will frequently require going into the popup menu instead of having a single button to press. It isn’t a deal breaker, but will definitely be a small annoyance most times an email is replied to.

Thank you!

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and while we’re at it, i would like a “reply-all” to include all recipients of the message - even the sender if they are on the cc:. as it is currently, a “reply-all” does not include the sender if they were cc’d on the original message. if the only recipients are a single other recipient and the cc’d sender, “reply-all” isn’t offered. the cc’d sender not being included on the “reply-all” means that if i want to get a copy from the cc: i have to put myself back on the recipient list.

interestingly, if the sender is on the to: line, rather than the cc:, they are included on the reply-all along with the other recipients.

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Thanks for all your replies and good ideas!
Yes, I’d also think it would be a great idea to make it an changeable option in the settings :slight_smile:

Could that be achieved through this forum?

Yes! please bring it back! simply next to the “reply”-button. It was just good the way it was. Or give at least an option.

I’m with the others here. I think that 99% of the time you’ll want to reply to everyone in an an email conversation, not just the sender. Having it as an option (Reply or Reply All button) would be perfectly fine whereas hiding it in a sub-menu is a serious UX problem.

Hello folks,

it keeps happening to me that I accidentally ony write to the sender, causing chaos. My native mail app has other issues, so I’m quite lost at the moment.

Can someone please program a revival of the button??

Best wishes,

I signed up to this forum just to ask where the option is to reply all as default.

I learnt that it was a deliberate UX choice, which is insanity. Because reply all also works to reply to single people but just a single reply stuffs up a LOT of group comms.

You’d have to be a psychopath to reply to a group email to just the sender. It’s awful business etiquette.

This app does so much and is so advanced… Why doesnt it have the option to change the default reply button?

Even chat gpt is hallucinating that K-9 Mail has the settings for it… Which it doesn’t… But i see why it thinks it does because the training data assumes it’s common sense.

No, it’s because OpenAI’s training data only goes back to 2021…

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Hi, thanks a lot for the opinion!
I also signed up to this forum for that matter.

Now, how can we get the developers’ attention?
At least an option in the settings to change the default according to one’s own preferences should be feasible, shouldn’t it?