Recipient name not shown on top for all accounts

I have several accounts. Usually, the Recipient Account is (newly) shown on top of a message received.when the message is opened. However not for all accouts. Please clarify.

The account not shown is the first in my account list. It is a Gmail account, if relevant.

Is it because only all other accounts are shown on top and not the first account? I would prefer to have the first account shown as well if possible.

Adding to my message, in case of a search the recipient account gets shown also for this Gmail account mentioned above.

The account name is only shown in the message view screen when the message is opened from a message list screen that contains messages from more than one account, typically the Unified Inbox or a search over all accounts.

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Thanks for your reply, I was in the unified Mail box.I now think to have found the bug (?) .

It is related to threaded messages (grouped messages). Then the email recipient account info does not get shown.