Received Email text does not scrolls

When I open a received mail, I set the focus on the text and I turn down the wheel of the mouse but the text does not scrolls.

Are you using K9 on Android? Using mouse sounds not common on these devices. Which device?

SAMSUNG Chromebook. I have IMAP accouts on phone and tablet that does not delete messages on the server, I configured POP accounts in K-9 to delete messages but they still remain on the server, how can I configure K-9 to detete them after they have been downloaded?

I don’t think K-9 supports deleting email from the server when it downloads them. That’s also a very bad idea because when you switch phones, you won’t be able to transfer the emails to your new phone. K-9 is made for IMAP with all emails on the server only.


Now you have added a new issue to that thread.
But @ByteHamster already has answered it.

For your original issue: is scrolling on touch screen working, but by mouse it is not?

So, when in K-9 I create a new account and I select POP3, it does not work like a POP but like an IMAP?
My Chromebook does not have touchscreen.

No, if you select POP it acts like a POP account. But on a mobile device that’s always a bad idea, IMAP is much better.


My phone and my tablet have IMAP accounts, I configured POP accounts in K-9 on my chromebook in order to remove messages from servers; why K-9 with POP accounts does not delete the messages from servers?

Because if that option would be available, the mails would be in K-9 ONLY with no way to move or export them at all. They would be lost forever when you uninstall K-9 or if your phone get stolen or stops working.


The mail would not be in K-9 only because before lunchin K-9 I read them on my IMPAP accounts and only after, when I want to delete them, I lunch K-9 configured with POP accounts, why it doesn’t delete the messages? Normally a POP account downlodads and erases messages from mail servers, why with K-9 it dosn’t works?

Deletion isn’t automatic, you have to configure that in Settings.

That’s not entirely true. It’s the other way around. When adhering to the POP standard, you have to tell the MUA to leave a copy on the server.

POP treats email like regular snailmail. The analogy used by K-9 is physical mail in a post office box. Once you retrieve the mail from the PO box, it is gone. If instead you decide to take a sheet of paper and copy the mail, you can leave a physical copy in the PO box.

This is exactly what POP does: It retrieves the email and it’s gone from the server. Unless of course, you configure the MUA to leave the above mentioned copy.


I went in Settings / myAccount / Fetching mail / When I delete a message and I selected the ‘Delete from server’ option but after having dowloaded the messages, when I return in Gmail, configured with an IMAP account, the messages are still on the server…

Downloading isn’t deleting. Only when you explicitly delete the message will it get deleted on the server as well.

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I created a POP account and I selected the ‘Delete from server’ option so I expected that after has been downloaded, messages should be deleted from server but K9 does not work properly…

If you insist on having the only copy of your mail on the phone after it is deleted from the server, K-9 is not the right app for you. Just download another app. Going in circles here on the forum discussing this doesn’t lead anywhere


I am not using a phone but a ChromeBook. Normally I download emails with Mozilla Thunderbird on an old PC (configured with POP accounts), so I searched ‘Thunderbird’ in GooglePlay and I installed K9 in order to replace the PC. I configured POP accounts enabling the ‘Delete from server’ option but K9 doesn’t do his job properly, may be there’s a bug? There is someone able to fix it or I have to follow ByteHamster’s advice and try with another app?

K-9 Mail doesn’t support deleting messages from the server after they have been downloaded.

There is an option to configure what happens when a message is deleted by the user in K-9 Mail: Settings → [Account] → Fetching mail → When I delete a message. The default is to both delete the local copy of the message and the message on the server (Delete from server). This is not the same as deleting a message on the server after downloading it.

Like ByteHamster mentioned, if you need the “download and delete from server” model, you’re better off using another client.

PS: A quick internet search reveals multiple guides to install Thunderbird on a Chromebook. Maybe try that?