Read mail and unread mail highlighting

When you sort by read mail versus unread mail it used to be much easier to distinguish between them and where the headers change from unread mail to read mail it is very difficult for me to identify where they change. The little bold and unbold fonts used are so close together I can’t tell them apart.
Is there some way that I’ve not identified to to find the formatting? If not the designers should either make the change more obvious or allow it to be users selectable.

You could change the background colour of read messages: Settings / General Settings / Display / Change colour when read.

This will display read mails with light grey background colour in Light Theme.
In Dark Theme it will be shown as dark grey.

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Thank you very much, I had looked and never seen that selection but it looks like it’s done the trick!

Am I overlooking something else for the other two things I miss from the old version - being able to show a email from the same sender and being able to select all unread messages…

Great! Please select the above message as solution.

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. There are some requests on this forum to bring that back.

Also asked often I think…
But maybe it helps to sort your mails by read/unread. This I do normally. Go to the 3dot menu, Sort by…, Read/Unread