Read email reappearing unread

Hi all,

pulling my email via IMAP from german provider

Got the problem that several random mails further down jump back to unread wenn pulling new mail. You can see it in the added screenshots…

Screenshot 1 contains an email titeling “Deine Amazon Bestellung” which is read.

Screenshot 2 shows my inbox after I sent and pulled a testmail and you can see that on the bottom of the window that read Amazon message has turned unread again.

This drives me nuts as it happen all the time.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Cheers, Arthur

When you see it marked as read in K9, does it look the same on web frontend of Ionos, or is it still unread?
If it is read, then does it switch over to unread in web frontend when you fetch new mails with K9?

Good point, will check this at the next opportunity…

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Ok, it syncs thru and the unread status is identical in Web and App.

What I found: i think it is K9 that produces the error, becaus when I open mail and really read it the error doesnt happen.
But once I toggle read unread via swipe left other mails are also toggled right after.

Weird. It is a Samsung A54 on One UI 5.1 Android 14 I use the app on.

Crappy, doesnt work at all. Unread marks are all over the place, dozens of mails reappearing unread every day.

Guess I need to dump K9 mail as no other client does it. Shame…

You should send debug log from your K9 when the issue happens again. This should help developers to identify the issue.