Reaching out to the developers - how best to move forwards?

Hi @cketti (and other developers), we’ve never spoken directly before despite being me enjoying the fruits of your labour for the past 10 years or so. Following the update to 5.8 I’ve been forced into the whole new world of ‘behind the scenes’ activity, whether that be the this forum, the github issues tracker or the Play Store reviews. There’s a massive positive to that: I clearly haven’t need to do anything but enjoy the software for all those years!

However, alas, there’s a downside as I am now here given the number of issues - some of them quite fundamental rather than ‘I’m sure I’ll get used to it’ - that the 5.8 release has given me and see that I am far from alone. The changes come to me with some surprise I must add; I’ve not been a beta tester and so given my ignorance as result the unexpected update of this point release has been out of the blue. It certainly made me sit up when I saw the ‘Updating database’ screen opening the app yesterday! I won’t take the easy shot and say I thought I’d opened Gmail but I did have to double-check! :wink:

I see from the many users like me who have only recently signed up to the forum, along with those that have been here much longer, there’s really quite a flurry of discussion - some constructive, some less so. Lots of opinion, lots of disappointment and, regretfully, a bit of anger and nastiness too. There are loads that must love the changes too, but I recognise that they won’t have created a forum account just to announce that so their views - like mine previously - might well be going unheard.

Given the recurring themes I can see the discussions going round in circles and I can’t see how you can possibly respond to all the comments. It is hard to imagine how things might end up - some will move to other apps, some will downgrade to 5.6, some will accept things and, of course, some will love the changes and look forward to the future. Quite a mixed bag and I was wondering; how do you want this to play out? How would you like us to provide our views? Are they helpful? Presumably only if done in a certain way?

So, I’d like to hear your views about whether you see this ‘ranting and raving’ as useful feedback or a waste of everyone’s time. Honesty is what we need on all sides of the house, and if you want to tell us all to ‘just f*ck off’ then please do! :slight_smile: