Questions about adding the ID extension of IMAP

Hi. I’m trying to add the ID extension of IMAP in K-9. However, I have some questions.

  1. Will this feature be accepted if I/someone implement it properly?
    There are few requests for this feature, but I can’t find the response from the developers. I’m not sure if the developers are unwilling to accept this feature in K-9. If so, I will only make a personal fork of K-9 for own use instead of spending time making a proper PR for it.
    (By the way, it’s easy to make it just work, but to make it optional I think it’s better to implement it as a setting item)
  1. How to add a setting item in K-9?
    I just found the useCompression is a setting item only for IMAP, so I want to make a similar item called sendClientID based on the existing code of useCompression if the developers accept this feature. However, when searching all references of useCompression, I found it existing in many files. I will check the codebase and the commit history carefully to figure out how a setting item works, but it will be much helpful if someone could show me some information about this.

I would very appreciate it if someone could answer these questions!

  1. Thunderbird (desktop) sends the ID command by default. But this can be disabled via a setting. We should probably implement the same behavior in K-9 Mail. However, for now I’d like to limit the information we send to just the app name.

  2. See this pull request for a relatively small example of what is involved in adding a setting.

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I have made a PR for it.