Q: increasing security?

Is there any way K9mail will ask for a password, when opening K9 (and having the database somewhat secured)?

Today most communication does run via smartphone - email, sms, whatsapp, etc…
Websites are offering a “password forgotten” function, sending password change-links to an email address and also maybe sending an SMS as second factor for auth. But mostly this all ends on the same device for many people.

So e.g. a stolen/lost phone - with often week startscreen protection - could be a real problem.

Are there any plans to increase security here for K9mail?
Are there alternative mail apps which do have better security?

That’s been covered a few times already, the last 2 are here and here.

You really shouldn’t rely on an app password but use a good PIN (and maybe don’t leave your phone unattended), together with encryption that should be fine.

Tnx for pointing to these posts!

IMO app security will increases the overall security.
The past shows that OS or startscreen security often could be bypassed - especially on older Androids (which are still in use).

Of course you shouldn’t leave your phone unattended.
Unfortunateley this doesn’t protect you against professional thieves (and the bad IT guys), knowing that a smartphone could be the gate to overtake Amazon, bank, etc. accounts.