Push only when K9 is open?

Hi. Thanks for the update. I know that I’ll be taking some time to get used to it but I already like the unified inbox because it got me into cleaning my email accounts.

I’d like to make a suggestion: since the constant notification is a bit annoying, is it possible to enable Push only when K9 is open? That would combine the best of both worlds because when I’m expecting a mail ASAP I usually open the app anyway.

K9 can revert to polling once it’s closed.

Thank you for considering my suggestion and especially for developing this great application.

You can disable the constant notification. See How to configure Push?

Yes I’ve read it. Neither solution works for me, probably because I’m using Android 7. Furthermore, I think it would be better not to have an open connection to my servers even when I close K9.

I would hope not, that defeats the whole purpose of “Push”.

Just disable Push altogether if you don’t like how it works, and simply refresh the Inbox when you expect an email?

An option to allow push to only apply when K9 is open doesn’t defeat any purpose.

I like push. Prior to the latest major update it worked without a permanent notification that I cannot remove.