Push and Poll options working

I enabled Push for all of my accounts, but they still have the Poll option set at 15 minute. I don’t know if, to spare battery, I have to set the Poll option to “Never”.

Additionally, does someone know what “1-class” and “2-class” folders are? I suppose that 1-class folders comprehend Incoming emails, so that I can enable Push just for 1-class folders.

1st class is Inbox, Sent items etc, 2nd class are subfolders inside the 1st class folders.

I have Push set for all my accounts but keep the 15 min. Poll active on the Gmail one since they’re notoriously bad at Push lol. All the other, less used accounts I’ve set to 12 hr. poll in addition to push, just in case.

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Okay, I understand. This means that Push doesn’t exclude polling. Thank you!