Purge deleted from the menu?

Is there any possibility that you could add “Purge deleted folders” to a menu?

Thank you

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I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking for. What should a “purge deleted folders” action do?

Did you delete folders from the server and they still show up in K-9 Mail? You can sync the folder list by going to the “Manage folders” screen and then select “Refresh folder list” from the menu.
But the folder list is also refreshed automatically when mail is checked and the last folder list refresh was more than 30 minutes ago.


I mean in this menu, offer the option to empty all trash.

Thanks for the clarification.

There’s an “Empty trash” entry in the menu when viewing a Trash folder. I’m not sure about adding an “Empty all trash” entry to the Unified Inbox. You’d be deleting all trash without reviewing the folder(s). If you don’t care about messages in the Trash folder, you can also configure K-9 Mail not to use it (and delete messages directly).

Thanks for that, how would you set it up to not use the trash?

Change Settings > [Account] > Folders > Trash folder to None.

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