Proposal for making fans of account overview page happy again

As to the last posting by cketti here:
(see here)

„As for whether or not the account overview will come back: that’s not decided yet. @ByteHamster and I have done some brainstorming and might have found a way to integrate it without too much effort. We’ll see how that goes.“

My proposal would be to include a checkbox (e.g. in „general settings → display) that says „bring back ‚classic‘ account overview page. Maybe including again some lines of code of the former version might be the way to facilitate this “optional revert to old version”.

Apart from that:
I’ve been using this new version (which does not have this „account overview page“) since several months because I’ve been using the beta version (with 2 mail accounts, both IMAP). I have to say that I was baffled when I first saw this version several months ago, but it actually worked out o.k. for me because my Android device is only my „secondary“ tool – I just use it to check for new mail. My main tool is Thunderbird, and I do all the “real work” there. So I am perfectly fine with permanently using the common inbox. But I can understand very well how others miss the old version.

And apart from all that: Thank you for giving users access to this great mail client!