Problems due to failing IPv6 connectivity

I wanted to inquire about the status of two bug reports, Fall back to IPv4 if IPv6 connection fails · Issue #1382 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub (which is about POP3) and Very long time for send/receive mail via WiFi, no problem with mobile network · Issue #5866 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub (which is a similar one regarding SMTP). I had left comments on both on how to resolve them some time ago, but those received no replies. The SMTP one is trivial to fix, and the POP3 one not much harder. Any chance of this getting addressed some time soon?

My email provider is not reachable via IPv6, so this affects me (and apparently a bunch of other folks) quite a bit. And I’d really like to use newer K9 version out of the box, instead of having to patch them in the ways I described :slight_smile:

Note: It’s much easier to read code and comment on it in a pull request than it is to do the same on a wall of code in an issue comment.

Thank you!

Point taken about PRs, I just wasn’t in a position to submit one when I wrote that.