Problem with syncing mailbox in background

Good morning, so far I have been using the application on a phone with Android 11. Everything worked fine. I recently bought a phone with Android 13. I configured K9, and unfortunately, messages do not download when the application is in the background. When I run the app and force sync, everything downloads nicely. The app has permissions for notifications and contacts, no blocking, no permission denial. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I do not know what to do. I really like this application, it’s simple and fast, but you can’t use it that way. K9 version: 6.711 and 6.603, Motorola Edge 40 Neo phone.

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Have you checked the battery saver settings as well as background network permissions?


No, I haven’t. I just changed it, will let you know.

Nope, it didn’t help.

I’ve upgraded the app to 6.713 version. It works fine now!

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