Problem collenting e-mail

I, in previous versions of K-9, always had it set to “never” pick up mail automatically. I did it every time and for every account, when I was interested.
Now, when I set it to “never”, I can’t find a way to pick up the e-mail when I open the program or the account I am interested in.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you

You mean a way to refresh manually? Pull down in the side bar.

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That’s exactly what I couldn’t find! I’m getting dumber every day. Thank you very much.

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Pull Down for manual refresh is not working on new version - Galaxy S9+.

What side bar? I have a Google Pixel 3 and there is no side bar on my K-9 mail, version 5.800

What do you mean with “not working”? Do you get an error message?

Sorry, “side drawer” or “hamburger menu” would probably be the better word. I meant the folder selector that you can swipe in from the left.

I swipe down. I get the “refresh” symbol of a circle arrow. After a second or two, the refresh symbol goes away. No new messages are loaded, though I have 7 new messages when I use a browser.

If I go to K-9 Settings, Accounts and click on my account, Fetching Mail, Incoming Server, Next, and then go back to my Inbox, the new messages are there.

Swipe down worked perfectly to get new mail before the new version.

I use GoDaddy e-mail, and a Galaxy S9+.

Sounds like a bug. What happens if you open the folder that the new messages are in and swipe down the message list there?

Thanks, that worked, but I have to be honest having to manually do that when it used to happen automatically is a real pain. Rather than simplifying the task of downloading email, it has complicated it. Many folks use email to communicate instantly, similar to text messaging. Under the old K-9 you didn’t have to wait. I cannot understand the thinking behind this change to a less user friendly interface. I am seriously considering returning to the prior version of K-9 since none of the changes to the new version have helped me. My only question is whether or not I will lose all of my archived emails since I understand that you have to delete the K-9 app and download and install an older version. Will doing that lose the messages that I store on K-9<

Depends if you are using POP3 or IMAP to access the messages. If you use IMAP, it will probably just work fine.

I wasn’t suggesting to always do it like that :slight_smile: It was just one step in trying to find out what’s happening. The next thing to try out would be to open the folder settings and see if the folder that the emails would appear in has its “synchronization class” set up properly. I think when setting the synchronization class to “none”, swiping in the navigation drawer will not refresh that folder. Maybe the folder you are interested in has it set to “none”.

I did an Uninstall and new Install - Galaxy S9+, Android 10, e-mail server (Go Daddy). K-9 is now fetching mail manually for me. Not sure what the issue was.

My old Asus tablet running Android 7 had no issues with the latest upgrade.

OK. I’ll donate.