Preview with program code

why don’t I get a representation in the email preview like in the opened email?
There is only program code to See.
See picture

The answer to the “why” question is obvious: because the HTML code is not interpreted.

The longer answer: HTML handling is a very tough cookie to crack if you want it to be secure. Thus, the easiest route to take is to not interprete HTML in the preview handler.

The very long answer: Whomever sends the message only sent HTML content, no plaintext equivalent in the mime data. Thus, there is no plaintext representation which could be displayed as an alternative to the HTML source.

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K-9 Mail can extract previews from HTML parts just fine. It’s more likely that the sender included a text/plain part, but put HTML in there.

Even worse… Confirms my initial thought that it must be something on the sender’s end

Should I forward the mail to one of you? Maybe you professionals can somehow get it to display correctly. K7 is the only mail app that can preview more than 3 lines.
For me this is very important.

Nah, that won’t help because the sender is supposed to put only unformatted text into the plaintext field.