Possible to display certificates?

Hi. I think I accepted a rejected certificate ages ago on K-9. Now I’ve finally set up my cPanel mailserver properly I’d like to check and delete the exception if possible.
For example, in Thunderbird you can see exceptions from Tools/Preferences/Privacy & Security > Certificates > Manage Certificates
Is there anything like this in K-9? Or planned?

If I am not mistaken, server and client certificates are handled by the OS on Android devices.

There’s currently no good way to remove a manually accepted server certificate.

The stored certificate will be removed if you change your server settings. Go to Settings → [Account] → Fetching mail → Incoming server, change either the server name or port, then press the “Next” button.
You could e.g. replace the server name with “dummy.invalid”, then press the “Next” button. When testing the server settings the app will report an error because it won’t be able to connect to the server. You can then select “Edit details” and restore the old server name. Press the “Next” button again to test (and then save) those settings.
You’ll have to do the same for the outgoing server under Settings → [Account] → Sending mail → Outgoing server.

Thanks. I’ve done that and didn’t receive a certificate rejection. Knowing that certificates are removed after editing reassures me that the mailserver provided a valid certificate rather than there being a persistent exception.