Possible missing features?

I am currently using a rental Android 13 Motorola phone while parts for my regular Sony XA2 arrive from China. I was surprised that the Motorola didn’t include an email client besides GMail, so went looking and eventually settled on K-9. It was a no-brainer really because Sony’s stock email client (at the time) was apparently a fork of K-9!

Comparing the two, the modern K-9 is a superset over Sony’s creation in nearly every way. Nearly. My needs are quite meager compared to some posters, but were these two features removed from newer versions of K-9, or were they added by Sony?

  1. Email size. I can’t find any way to see the size of the email I’m currently reading.

  2. A Refresh option in the three-dot menu in the message list view. Drag-down-to-refresh has bitten me soooo many times in mobile web browsers that I’ve mostly trained myself to avoid it. Sony’s client gave me the option to avoid it in email, too.

If these changes were added by Sony, I do hope you’ll find the time to add them to K-9 proper, too. Thanks.

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Another variation from Sony, I think: when writing a new email, the recipient weirdly disappears, replaced by a “+1” followed by an otherwise blank line. Umm, why?? There is plenty of room to display at least one full email address. Perhaps allocate up to two lines (configurable?) for recipients, then go to the “+1” notation. Makes sense?

Thanks again.


As this post is about missing features: I already miss the size information, but much more I miss the time information in the message list. I’m a person working late in the evening and night, and once midnight passed, all emails of the day just ended, are just listed with e.g. “Fr” for Friday, but no time info anymore. Hard to navigate through a list of 100-200 eMails of a day without time info. This is also a “feature” where I’d like to say “Umm, why??”. :wink:
And IF this gets changed (hopefully soon), PLEASE don’t use the scheme “3 hours ago” but tell the real time, e.g. “23:45”. That would be SO helpful.

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Any suggestions of Android Mail-Apps behaving more conveniently? And maybe also can display message size, or are at all much more customizable for the list-view? Any hints?
Or does anybody know a link to a kind of bug/feature tracker for this software? I really would like to know where the priorities are with the developers.


Thanks for that link!

" Message View UI improvements

Improvements of the content rendering of single message view, better management of contacts, extra info, and attachment through bottom sheets."

at least sounds a little bit promising. Although the bad Date/Time view in lists seems not to be adressed.
But still I have a similar feeling like with Thunderbird itself, where in the last years I could not understand the developers priorities anymore. When they removed the ability to see the real E-Mail adress of the sender a few versions ago, while at the same time disabling that possibility for add-ons. :woman_facepalming:
I hope that K9 will not go further down THAT road…

+1 for not replacing actual recipients by “+1” (or at least making this a configurable option)

Maybe I’ve not found the option yet, but I’d like a woosh sound when I send an email, as in TypeApp