Possible issue when switching between unified and account views


At times, when I switch from unified view to the account view (by clicking on the account icon), I see the sent mails of the account being shown in the “Inbox”. This turns to be an annoying thing to me when it occurs as the only way to get back to the “actual” Inbox is by exiting the app and switching to that account. I’m not very sure of the precise steps that cause this but I’ll be sure to update here if I come to know of it.

Has anyone else observed something like this? :thinking:

I’m using v5.806 of the app on an Android 11 device.

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I’m not sure I fully understood the issue. Are you seeing the contents of the Sent folder instead of the Inbox when you tap the account icon? In that case you should see the name of the Sent folder in the title bar instead of “Inbox”. If so, the Sent folder is probably configured under Settings → [Account name] → Folders → Auto-expand folder. Change it to “Inbox” and you should get the desired behavior.

If “Inbox” is displayed in the top bar and sent messages are shown, is it possible that sent messages are actually stored in the Inbox of that folder? Some people configure their email app to do just that. To make sure K-9 Mail isn’t configured that way, check Settings → [Account name] → Folders → Sent folder.

If “Inbox” is displayed in the top bar and in addition to messages from the Inbox the contents of the Sent folder are displayed, that’s a bug. Looking at the code I don’t see how this could happen. Maybe it could be caused by a corrupt database or APK. In that case it would be best to uninstall the app, then reinstall.

Tapping the account icon will open the auto-expand folder (or keep the side drawer open and only show the folders of that account if the auto-expand folder is set to None). But you should always be able to (re-)open a specific folder by tapping its name in the side drawer.

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Yes. That’s what I observe.

I’m not very sure what was shown in the title bar. But I’m sure the contents of the “Sent” folder were shown instead of the contents of the “Inbox”. I’ll check this when it occurs again.

Ah ha. Thanks for pointing out this option! I wasn’t aware of this option. I think this should help with fixing the issue I’m observing.

This shouldn’t be a possibility. The “Sent” folder is configured properly.

This isn’t what is happening to me.

Thanks for this detail!

This was configured to “None” for the account in which I observed the issue. So, I think that’s the reason for the behaviour I observed. But I’m not sure about one thing. You say the side-drawer would remain open and show folders of that account if it is configured to “None”. But I only remember that I saw the “Sent” folder instead of the “Inbox”. I don’t remember the side drawing remaining open. Is there a possibility of a bug that would explain what I’m observing? :thinking:

Thanks for the note. I’m not sure if I was able to open the “Inbox” by tapping specifically on “Inbox” the next I observe this happen (I’ve still left Auto-expand folder to “None” for this).