POP3 - leave messages on server ?!

I want to set up an account with POP3 - and am not sure how to configure it in a way, that it leaves all “downloaded” messages on the server.

For the same account I use thunderbird with IMAP and have filters and folders set up - and when K9 has the sync-feature, I plan to sync it all with thunderbird.

But for now, I would simply like to get a glimpse in my mails via POP3 when I’m not at not my laptop/desktop…

Is this possible? How can I set it up? - I only found “mixed” info about it so far…


Why not just use IMAP with K-9 Mail?

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Because I set up various folders, filters (e.g. automatic moving of mails in folders) and I have set up the (learning) spam-filter of thunderbird (via IMAP).

Maybe I’m wrong, but I assume that this creates a bit of “chaos” when I use the same account via IMAP in K9 - without that same kind of support for folders, filters, spam-filter. ?!?

(and I don’t want to manually keep all filters synchrone so I would like to not use filters in K9 as long as there is no “full synchronisation” with thunderbird some time in the future)

Anyway - I never had a problem with POP3 “leaving all mails on server” with e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook - I really don’t understand why it seems to be such a problem with K9 ??

Using the account with multiple devices is exactly the point of IMAP. Using it with POP3 creates chaos :wink:

Using the account with multiple devices is exactly the point of IMAP. Using it with POP3 creates chaos :wink:

Yeah - but using IMAP with multiple devices and different settings (filters, spam-filters…)? :thinking:

Well, it doesn’t create more chaos than with POP3, but using POP3 on multiple devices (or even mixing protocols) creates a whole lot of chaos.

Do the filters using the web mail of your email provider. Then filtering happens on the server. If you then also use IMAP on all clients, you have the perfect setup :slight_smile: (actually, I would say that this is the only way to do email on multiple devices that won’t cause you a headache later)

Using IMAP here and POP3 there is a “chaos” I already know and can perfectly live with that. (done before)

Using filters with my email provider on the other hand doesn’t work very well and because of that I am so happy now with using thunderbird as my main email client and doing all the filtering. (beside that my mail provider doesn’t do it very well: it is so convenient setting the filters in thunderbird when I already use thunderbird - otherwise I would constantly have to log in to my email provider for every modification of the filters…)

Thank you all - but it doesn’t help me so far.

It is doable, but I don’t remember how. I use K-9 Mail on a Chromebook with a POP3 account on a netBSD server. As long as I do not delete a mail piece on K-9, it remains on the server, whence I can fetch it from another device, such as an IMAP email app on an old Android phone or with Tbird on a Windows box. Go into Account settings and make sure the right things are checked or unchecked.

That’s encouraging, good to know. I still ponder what the right things to check or uncheck would be. :joy: