Please upload a release

K-9 mail in play store has not been updated since 2018!

PLEASE enough pre-release already!

PLEASE choose one version and submit to Google already!

If you do not do so you will DIE!

I have been wanting to donate money to your project for years now only I cannot in conscience donate money to developers who REFUSE to release a product!

Good bad or otherwise put something up in the play store already.

I am using your current pre-release software now and it works just fine so please upload something to the play store already or at least provide everybody in the forum a valid excuse to why you refuse to do so.

Thank you.


Support for IMAP IDLE was holding back the full release. It is now pretty much working, so I guess we can get a full release soon. There are still some issues (see other posts in this forum), so there probably need to be a few more beta releases before it’s ready.


Thank you for the explanation.