Please bring back 5 minutes (and below) poll frequency. PUSH is not an option and eats up battery

Please bring back 5 minutes (and below) poll frequency. PUSH is not an option and eats up battery

Automatic pull more frequently than every 15 minute is not allowed by Google.

Push should not drain the battery more than frequent pull any more. Problems in this area has been addressed lately. See other threads.


Actually this is not true. You may still pull from a server more frequently, but the means has changed. You are now supposed to use CloudMessaging or an AlarmProvider (with automated Wakelock handling and Firebase connection) for this.

Additionally, one is supposed to use bundled transmission now. Basically, all accounts should be checked by the CloudMessaging (moving the poll away from the mobile device to the cloud service), and then the client syncs with the cloud service regularly over one (!) connection rather than checking all mail account via separate (!) connections.

But who is supposed to pay for a K-9 cloud service for mail synchronisation? If you want K-9 to remain free, just live with checking every 15 minutes at most.

Generally, I think it is also beneficial for your own health and work-life-balance if you are not reachable in real-time (that is what phone calls are there for). People should be able to wait for an e-mail to be answered after due time. - No sender is able to perceive a difference between
a) you receiving their e-mail immediately and answering with a delay of an hour, and
b) you receiving their e-mail after 45 minutes and answering after another 15.

I only download work e-mails every hour. That’s sufficient; I don’t get paid enough for real-time e-mail. :wink:


This is simply ignoring the thousands of users that may want to use K9 for business purposes. In our company we used to use K9 on support phones where every minute counts in terms of response times.

Of course on personal accounts 15 mins is ok, but for business accounts or any serious use, it needs to be less. And using PUSH is draining the battery 10-20% faster in my experience.

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It’s not about ignoring. The outlined “solution” above requires software on the mail server. And that’s not the purpose of K-9 to develop such a solution. Plus it would also require a cloud service for handling the push messages.


And do you really want/trust an unknown 3rd party between you and your mail store? This means that the CloudMessaging service has to have your mail account credentials - which could give access to much more than just mail. Not something most people, and especially companies, will tolerate. [If t-mobile/us can’t keep their customer details out of the hands of hackers …]

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For the record: using lower poll intervals would still be possible when using a foreground service. See

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@njeyaakili I don’t want anything like that. Just reporting on what Google suggest (enforces) developers to do in order to reduce battery usage and network load.

So, if you want to develop an app that accesses radio/network more frequent than every 15 minutes and you target API above Pie, you must adhere to that. Either reduce the frequency or use the mentioned workarounds.

What has any of this got to do with Google? I can refresh my inbox as often as I like.

Yes, you can. Manually.
But Android policy does not allow more frequent automatic refresh by the device, unless some server side support is involved.

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No, I am talking about outside of Android/Google. Like I said, it has nothing to do with Google how often I refresh my inbox.

That’s correct: If you are not using Android, you can refresh your mailbox more often, even automatically. You are using Android, though, so you are bound to Google’s 15-minute interval.

I know that is correct, that is why I said it.

Yes, I know all this, I wrote it. You have just repeated what I have said without adding any useful information at all. I didn’t ask if I was using Android, I said it is not really anything to do with Google how often I refresh my inbox.

Why did you ask this question, then, if you already know the answer?

Where did I say I know the answer? You just repeated what I said which I said I already knew.

Okay, not sure if you are trolling. I will try one last time :slight_smile:

You are using Android. Android is made by Google. Google says you cannot perform automatic tasks more often than every 15 minutes. K-9 is an Android app. Therefore, K-9 cannot perform automatic tasks more often than every 15 minutes. Therefore, K-9 cannot automatically refresh more often than every 15 minutes. This shows that Google influences how often you can (automatically) refresh your mail using K-9.


He is telling you that you can check your inbox manually as often as you want. However, as soon as you tell any Android app to check your inbox automatically (i.e., any setting such as “check out very x minutes”), the operating system (Android) will not allow that.

This is what he’s been trying to tell you. It is a Google policy that prevents background sync more frequent than 15 minutes. Anytime your app syncs without being in the foreground and you explicitly telling it to sync right in that moment (i.e., manually), the Google policy comes into effect.

Please actually read what people answer. Don’t just sift through the buzz words. :wink:


I know, which is why I said “what has it got to do with Google”. You just keep telling me that it has, which I already know.

Are you replying to me here? I know this, I literally said it has nothing to do with Google how often I check my inbox.

Pretty sure something is getting lost in translation here, you 2 just keep repeating what I am saying back to me!

It might be getting lost in translation, but you are coming across as being very obtuse. You’ve asked what has it got to do with Google and have been told multiple times in multiple different ways.

It’s like getting a train, and asking what they’ve got to do with how often you get refreshments. If you provide your own snacks and drinks then you can have them whenever you want. But if you are relying on the train company to to provide refreshments from the trolley then it’s entirely up to them when, and if, you get them. You’ve chosen to use Google and K9 wants their app to be available on the Play Store, Google can therefore set whatever rules it likes, no matter how arbitrary they seem.

If what you are actually asking is why Google has these restrictions in place then it’s probably about ensuring that apps aren’t doing anything dodgy, or using excessive amounts of data and battery drain, which all comes back to making their entire product as usable and stable as possible.

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