Pixel 4a & Android 11, K-9 won't launch

Just got a Pixel 4a which immediately upgraded itself to Android 11. Installing K-9, get a warning it’s for an older version and might not work well. Installed anyway.

I haven’t set up my accounts because when I launch K-9, nothing happens (it’s possible the screen flashes). If I do recent apps, K-9 is shown with a blank screen, and I can dismiss it. Signed up for beta in case this was a fixed problem, but still happens.

Is this a known issue? Anything I can do?


Try clearing the app data and/or uninstall, then reinstall the app. The beta version works fine on Android 11. The stable version (5.600) should at least start fine on Android 11. It works fine on my Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

Update: Just tested on a Pixel 4a. Starts fine there, too.

Thank you, I uninstalled and reinstalled and that did it. I’m sure I did that earlier but maybe not. I also restarted before installing, just to be safe.

Imported my settings and I’m up and running. I like the new look, though I wish the delete button was at the bottom since this phone is taller for the same width as my old one.