Pictures deleted in "reply"

When you reply to a mail with images pasted/integrated edit: inlane images in message (i don’t mean attachments) all images are removed.
If you forward a message all images remains.

The issue it makes for me is that I often receive mails with screenshots pasted/integrated (probably there is a better word to describe what i mean :rofl:) edit: inline images and after a few replies back and forth maybe a third part is involved in the mail and the history gets incomprehensible when the origin screenshot/image is removed.

My workaround is to choose forward instead of reply, but it isn’t optimal.

So my question, is there a reason why it is so? If not - can it be fixed?


I can’t answer your primary question, as I don’t use HTML email which is a perquisite to use inline images, but I can provide you with “inline images” as a descriptive term for the images you are referencing.

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